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Wife follows gut feeling, saves husband's life after going home to check on him

Scott Mayhew, a father of five from Saratoga Springs, Utah was in the garage working on his car when the unthinkable happened—The jack that was holding up the car fell down on top of Scott, pinning him underneath the car. While Scott was trapped, his wife Nicole was at work. She got a funny feeling that something was wrong with Scott, so she left work and rushed to her home.
When she arrived according to a Fox 13 report, she heard Scott say, “Help me love.” She knew he was in the garage and figured that something bad had happened to him there. She said to Fox 13, "I thought, ‘it's on him, it’s got to be on him, the car,’ that's what's in my head, so I knew immediately."
With the help of neighbor, Nicole was able to get the car off of Scott. When the paramedics arrived, Scott was taken to University of Utah Hospital to make sure Scott didn’t have any internal injuries. A paramedic who helped Scott told ABC News that because Nicole listened to her intuition and got to Scott’s aid in time, he only suffered from six broken ribs.
Nicole told ABC News of the accident, "I think God was watching us that day. I'm so thankful for that.”
Resources YouTube/ABC News, ABC News, and Fox 13
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