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German Shepherd helps save children from house fire

Nothing gets between a dog and his family, as was proven by a Florida German Shepherd who according to the Florida Sheriff's Department, fearlessly raced inside his burning home to save the family's two young children. NECN is reporting that the German Shepherd, Maxx, helped fire crews navigate through thick smoke to find the 4-year-old boy and 2-year-old girl. With Maxx's help the fire department was also able to save the family's father who was also stuck inside the home. 
The family dog wasn't the only one to jump into action that fateful night though. According to NECN, neighbors who saw the fire break out knocked in windows and were able to save wife, mother, and 12-year veteran of the sheriff's office Margo Feaser.
According to NECN, the family was treated at the hospital, their conditions ranging from serious to critical. Maxx's love and loyalty to his family undoubtedly saved half of them. Maxx was also treated by medics for smoke inhalation, and is said to be doing well. 
Resources Today and NECN
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